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Meet The Director

I have been producing, shooting and directing video content for over 18 years. I have worked with some of the countries biggest organisations in both the TV and business worlds. For 5 years I produced content broadcasting on Sky but more recently have worked for BBC and ITV including some live content. I worked for many years becoming a skilled camera op always looking for that good shot telling the story well. I can edit too so I don't overshoot but I've always had a producer's overlooking eye on the projects I work on from budgets to schedules to staff development. I have also produced live TV and whilst at Channel M developed programme formats. My work has covered youth crime to democracy, lifestyle to documentary filming all over the UK and Europe. I have worked closely with the Equality and Human Rights Commission and national dance organisations.

Specialties: Camera, I have a strong visual style due to my interest in 35mm still photography. I love strong images that tell compelling stories. Sound, I specialised in sound recording at university to ensure a rounded skillset.

Michael Wray
Producer & director

a man in a smart shirt smiling and looking at the camera

If you're interested in Michael's photography he has a seperate site here ;


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