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Video Tips for Marketeers #2 Planning Your Video

There are many different styles of video you can choose from and it’s really worth spending some time thinking about this before you even start writing scripts and storyboards. We tend to fall into the same type of video we’ve seen before but with a bit of thought you can come up with something really different and really pump those clicks and views up.


You can split film styles into two different genres, fictional and documentary. You can choose to create the customer experience for example through actors, or you can interview key team members and clients reactions, this latter seems easier but it is a lot more difficult to get really good results from people who aren’t used to being in front of a camera. In the clients case their patience can quickly wear thin as they’re not being paid to be there whilst you get them to do takes “once more with feeling” never mind setting up a bank of lights in and around their homes to get the look you want.

Voice Over Saves The Day!

One lifesaving tool common to both these genres is the voice over. The voice over can save your lacklustre factory shots and un-enthusiastic customers by injecting purpose and excitement into your video. Voice overs are relatively cheap and can be extremely professional offering many options from excitement levels to accents and real gravitas. From X factor to Attenborough many have great skills you do well to utilise.

Engage Your Audience

At the end of the day you have to do a cold hearted decision on what works best for your audience. It shouldn’t be too hard to see things from their point of view. Would they really be excited by the company CEO talking about how output has increased in recent years? Is there a story in there you can tell that not only covers productivity but explores it’s impact in a personal compelling way? You may have to fight the ego of your CEO to get the option you want but trust me it’s well worth it.

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